Here is what to do:
To avoid panic and to help you keeping a positive attitude when realising that you are in a very serious survival situation, survival instructors suggest the use of the S.T.O.P. (& G.O.) mnemonic.

S=Stop what you are doing, Sit down

T=Think about your and our situation.
What are your pure survival priorities and are they safely covered? Is your life in your hands? Can your children safely copy your lifestyle? Are you happy? Do you enjoy your life, your community and the world as it is? Do you do something that is beneficial for the global community of life? Are you more part of the solution or are you more part of the problem? Think about life and the world. What do you enjoy the most and what are you most grateful for? Think about your loved ones.
Remember that we are ultimately home in nature and that we were all born equal and naked. Think that the water in your body is as old as water can be and that this water has been in clouds and rivers, in your food and in the body of other living beings of past and presence.
(example: We have more cups than we are people, so no need to think what cup is more ecological to produce)

O=Observe, orientate.
What are your dangers, possibilities, resources, connections and responsibilities? How big is your ecological and social footprint? What solutions could work in your life and your community. Do not think much bigger than this.
Does the status quo make sense?


Look at “T” and “O” and make a plan for your life. Communicate face to face with the people of your community. Do what you can do together. Today, tomorrow, this week.
Do not be scared of taking risks and being different. From now on, the old status quo is no more.


G=Be Good

O=Be One


Thank you for your help and for being part of #TheBigRing / #YouTurnTime