The earth charter is a solid foundation for codes of conduct in life and business.

With the movies "The elder brothers warning" (1990) and "Aluna" (2012) urge us the Kogi people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marka, Colombia to change our ways.

New and old habits.. 3,5min TED talk by Matt Cutts

Pope Franci's Encyclical letter "Laudato si'" provides a lot of argument and impulse "to move forward in a bold cultural revolution." out of our responsibility "to make decisions for the common good."

How to start a movement... 3min TED talk by Derek Sivers

Saying YES changes in your own life and community is one thing.
Saying NO
... to those who act against the needed change is however as needed.
Some examples where you can make yourself heard and learn what you can do in your life.
-climate games

-Eradicating Ecocide

The transition network has a big future. Ideas are implemented in transition towns that make life more ecological, cheaper, easier, more social, local, ... better

Every problem we have comes from borders that we made.
A world without borders can only work with this.
Love is the feeling of being alive.

A world passport and for world citizens.